Mayday investment club


All shares in Mayday 1 have been sold, everyone has taken cash leaving approximately £2k in for each of the existing (9) members. Monthly payments have gone up to £50. Some shares have been bought and can be tracked as usual on ProShare (use the drop down list on the Portfolio to see Mayday 2).

No charts will be shown on the website until a few months have passed so, in the meantime, the site will be a repository for meeting minutes, etc.. For those who need pictures on the front page, here’s a simple solution to our endless discussions about what to buy.

Mayday 1 is dead - long live Mayday 2

Lowest Unit Value:   210.62p (Oct 2014)

Highest Unit Value: 210.62p (Oct 2014)

Current Unit Value: 210.62 (Oct 2014)

Last updated: 20 Nov 2014